Feeling like don't wanna go back to school?
or you're ready to go back to school after your long long long holiday... :)
or ready for your first day at work?
the think is, you have to look amazing at anytime... :D
find it here at ONLY I the closing for first look mid 09 collections....

We owned vintage stuff in good or excellent condition, we created our own dresses and accessories, and we love doing DIY projects and rebuild many vintage items into a unique pieces, we call it VINTAGE RE-NEWAL...

We're sure there's nothing to worry if u shop Only i stuff, we also hate the moment when there's someone elses wearing the same clothes as you at the same time and the same place ouch...., Only i only produced 'one of a kind' items....

Well, be ready for our SPECIAL EDITION called "Ain't School Girl No More..."
Featuring our lovely and smart ladies, Sydney and Starr :)
Meet them on Saturday, August 1st 2009, 8PM, only at www.onlyi.co.nr...

Save the date girls.... See ya...



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