KLASS X2023 - New Arrival

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New Arrival!
Celebrating our 5th Anniversary and Kartini Day,
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ALEX is our very new unisex tee. With art printed in silk, ALEX is not just an ordinary oversized tee.
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NOOR is a very unique outer. Our first series of NOOR Sold Out already. Combining 3 type of fabrics, mexican panel, songket and pop art prints, NOOR is always mesmerize the Oi Girls!
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Please notice that most of our koleksion are limited products or one of a kind piece.
This KLASS X-2023 Koleksion, we created art prints printed on premium satin silk fabrics. By using printed cotton, this time ONLYi bring you all the essence of poison palette, where you can feel a piece of art as your daily wear. Shop Now! with our early bird price (last picture below) available till Sunday, March 30th 2014. Enjoy Oi Girls! :)

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Name / Address / Product Code
Kelly .B / Jl. Jeruk No.8 Jaksel 11221 / 1pcs FRAU#A, 1pcs MYAR#H, 1pcs GOON#A

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mail to: onlyi.onlyi@yahoo.com



 KLASS X-2023 

Greetings from the students of Klass X.
This year 2023 we will be graduated from St. Oi.
Our final exam will be held on Pluto area #DD517.
Lecture on duty are from Semiramis.

Besides study hard, we need to do a little research about our exam's venue.
Pluto got an aura that taste like grapes cotton candy mixed with orange soda.
On discovery science test, Pluto aura will be match. But is gonna be tough on sports class.
What we're doing here on Earth right now is, preparing our mind, soul, brain and body.
Wish us a great love & luck for Pluto's exam next week!

light heart,
Klass X.

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onlyi.onlyi@yahoo.com // onlyi.onlyi.onlyi@gmail.com


Soon Available Online, also at
Loubelle Bandung // Gate Store Jogjakarta