thank u so much :)

Oi girls...
Thank u so much for loving Oi stuff...
So many lovable SMS i've received since the launching day 3 weeks ago...
It's not a month yet but and the feedback are superb!
I always try to reply every single SMS from each of you...
but i just wanna remind you that Oi stuff is one of a kind and will never
re-stock it ever... When it says SOLD it means SOLD OUT :)
Please read info about Only i if you really wanna know
more about us...., from there you'll understand what is "Only i" all about...

Send us your baddasssssss picssss using Oi stuff, and Oi will give some lil
surprises for the best Oi girl :)

You can also download Oi theme song SOON
and get the lyrics at DiamondHurts blog SOON :)

Still got so many items AVAILABLE, don't worry....
Check our albums and find many available items...
Come on..., grab them FAST!
Add our FB to SHOP, it's much easier for you girls to ask about anything :)
or... just directly SMS ok :)

Thank u so much :D


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