ONLYi SALE for Hari Anak Nasional.

ALERT Oi Girls...!

To Celebrate Hari Anak Nasional, July 23rd 2012.
ONLYi SALE UP TO 50% :D, starts July 15th at our online shop.
And or starts July 20th at Manekineko, Loubelle, Voila, Ore Preium Store and Widely Project.

This Promo will end August 20th 2012. We only have few stocks left at online shop and stores.

From July 15th (online shop) or July 20th (stores), we also had a beautiful gifts charm and voucher if you all purchase anything above Rp 500.000,- (both Sale and Non Sale products).

If you wanna fast order, you can easily email to onlyi.onlyi@yahoo.com or sms to 081748.44441.
Just write your name / address / phone number / and your order :)
Here are the SALE items :) Enjoy...

INGA, this one is a see thru mushroom cape. Very unique one!
Wear it with your plain sleeveless dress :)
From Rp 398.000,-, Now Only Rp 199.000,-
50% SALE!

FALDA, this one is a perfect for your 'Girls Night Out'!!
Wear it with sparkling black shorts :)
From Rp 318.000,-, Now Only Rp 222.600,-
30% SALE!

AVALON, you're gonna love this cute top, find a very unique details on front side, check out
the neck and tulle pocket, and also the love glittery buttons on the back side :)
Wear it with with your fav maxi skirt!
From Rp 328.000,-, Now Only Rp 229.600,-
30% SALE!

PHILOMELA, this one is super unique jumpsuit. It's 1 piece but looks like 2 pieces.
I will wear it in many ways, just wait for my next post :) It's kinda hard to explain hahaha....
From Rp 448.000,-, Now Only Rp 313.600,-
30% SALE!

CALLIODORA, this one is just pretty treasure... It's simple but sexy :)
Wear it to a party or just for playday, you decide :)
From Rp 428.000,-, Now Only Rp 299.600,-
30% SALE!

LILITH, tea party? Why don't wear it with your vintage pair of shoes :)
Black tights is a great option too :)
From Rp 378.000,-, Now Only Rp 264.600,-
30% SALE!

MARMARA, this is one of gorgeous dress you must have. You can wear it long with see thru glittery dark blue tulle. Or you can also make it a short dress. Check this one pic from the lookbook.
You can pull up the bottom tulle, amazingly fun dress! Wear it to a special day :)
From Rp 448.000,-, Now Only Rp 313.600,-
30% SALE!

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