KLASS X2023 - New Arrival

Check out our
New Arrival!
Celebrating our 5th Anniversary and Kartini Day,
enjoy our Promo BUY 2 Get 2 Gifts (1pcs from old koleksion and 1pcs tote bag).

Order Now!
mail to onlyi.onlyi@yahoo.com

ALEX is our very new unisex tee. With art printed in silk, ALEX is not just an ordinary oversized tee.
Every art print is very limited quantity. So you better grab them fast!! Get ALEX for only 160K.

mail to onlyi.onlyi@yahoo.com

NOOR is a very unique outer. Our first series of NOOR Sold Out already. Combining 3 type of fabrics, mexican panel, songket and pop art prints, NOOR is always mesmerize the Oi Girls!
Get our limited NOOR for only 290K.

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